Adrar Emoles Permits


Adrar Emoles # 3 – Dasa Project

  • Dasa discovery made by Global Atomic field exploration
  • > 900 drill holes to date
  • Initial resource expected 4th Qtr, 2013
  • Pre-feasibility studies underway
  • Potential for open pit and underground mining
  • Located 30 km SE of Imouraren deposit (~320 million pounds), AREVA’s most advanced new uranium project

Adrar Emoles # 3 – Dajy Deposit

  • 17,000,000 lbs U3O8 defined by previous drilling
  • Structure is open for resource expansion
  • Japanese identified large tonnage, high grade potential through drilling a zone with mineralization up to 1,000 ppm U3O8: 3.5 km long x 0.4 km wide, along the major NE-SW lineament called the Azouza fault, on which is located the Teguida deposit currently being mined by China Nuclear
  • Dajy uranium mineralization is hosted in three sandstone units: Tarat sandstone, same unit as AREVA’s Somair open pit mine and the Guezouman sandstone, same as AREVA’s Cominak mine and the Madouela sandstone, which hosts Goviex’s “Madouela” deposit
    • Only the Tarat unit is included in the resource calculation at this time
  • Next phase of drilling for infill and resource expansion

Adrar Emoles # 4 – Isakanan Deposit

  • 34,000,000 lbs U3O8 drilled to date
  • Shallow, ramp access, U/G deposit
  • Located 15 km SE of the Dajy deposit
  • Isakanan uranium mineralization is hosted in two sandstone units: Guezouman sandstone, same unit as AREVA’s Cominak underground mine and the Madouela sandstone, hosting Goviex’s Madouela deposit
    • Only the Madouela is included along strike of a local fault called the Kakan fault
  • Global completed first phase drilling in 2009 to confirm historic Japanese results


  • G176    3.3 metres @ 2,000 ppm
  • G146    2.95 metres @ 1,300 ppm


  • AE001    3.76 metres @ 2,197 ppm
  • AE005    4.02 metres @ 1,653 ppm